Hollywood Casino of Perryville
  • “I interviewed thinking that to work in a Casino would be exciting and I was right! The experience working and opening Hollywood in 2010 was awesome! “

    Mary, Cook
  • “Since starting here five years ago, I’ve had the opportunity to go back and finish my college degree. Hollywood Casino helped make that happen. “

    Chris, Guest Security
  • “Being part of the Hollywood team has meant gaining work experience and having the opportunity for advancement. I work with some great people too! “

    Mike, Warehouse
  • “One of my favorite memories here has been our annual dinner honoring our Wounded Warriors. It is always a special and emotional event. “

    Patricia, EVS
  • “Seeing our entire team come together to accommodate so many people on Opening Day was great. I’ve learned so much working here. It’s been a great experience! “

    Kim P, Count Team
  • “Coming to Hollywood started a whole new career for me. I work with great people in an atmosphere that is always exciting…no day is ever the same! “

    Robert, Guest Security
  • “I’ve worked in this industry a long time and you think you’ve seen everything. But the day my team saw the slot machines on gaming floor, their faces were priceless! “

    Stephanie, Slot Operations
  • “Working here has increased my customer service skills and I enjoy working with people from other departments. We work hard, but we have fun doing it. “

    Jen, Player Services
  • “Working here is a continuous learning experience and I’ve gained perspective on human nature. I like the friendly atmosphere…our entire team is like a family. “

    Kim M, Player Services
  • “Opening Day 2010 was exciting and a little overwhelming. We were all new and had worked so hard toward the grand opening. Five years later, I’m still having fun! “

    Lorie, Player Services
  • “My favorite part about working here? The people! I’ve met wonderful people who come and go as guests, and have become close friends with many of my co-workers. “

    Alice, Cage Supervisor
  • “Working here at Hollywood for the last five years has opened up doors that I didn’t even know existed! I feel like I have grown and learned so much since 2010. “

    John, F&B Supervisor
  • “The response we received from the community on Opening Day was incredible! Our guests were happy and we were excited to be there to welcome them! “

    Beth, Bartender
  • “I retired just before opening day in 2010 and working here has helped supplement my retirement income. I like meeting all the people that come in every day. “

    Mario, Guest Services
  • “I love meeting and socializing with new people. And when our customers win, the joy on their faces makes my job fun too! “

    Jackie, Promotions
  • “I’ve met a lot of people here over the years, both co-workers and guests…many have become life-long friends! “

    Shelley, Slot Ambassador
  • “Working so close to home is a real bonus. Seeing so many people enjoying themselves on the Casino floor every day is really great! “

    Brandi, Accounts Payable
  • “I love what I do. Seeing work I’ve designed out in public, like highway billboards and Casino floor signs…it never gets old! “

    Fred, Graphic Designer
  • “Being part of opening Maryland’s First Casino was like being part of a historical event. Seeing the line of people waiting to get in that day was really gratifying! “

    Lynda, Beverage Manager
  • “It was great to see Gloria in Rodeo Drive win Cast Member of the Year in 2014. Everyone knows her and loves her and she deserved it! “

    Maria, Retail Manager
  • “Working here has given me the opportunity to advance my career and enjoy great benefits. The bonus is I work with great people too! “

    Arnold, Guest Security
  • “I love working among all of the excitement. Especially when our patrons are laughing, having fun and winning! “

    Marsha, Revenue Audit
  • “At the end of that first day, when the Casino closed, the General Manager pulled us all together and said, “We did it!” It was great and worth the hard work. “

    Dorian, Facilities
  • “My favorite part about working here? I’m so close to home. It’s great to have this opportunity right in my own backyard! “

    Leanna, Revenue Audit
  • “It was a blast hiring an entirely new team in 2010 – we worked hard, but it’s been my best career experience. “

    Marcial, HR Director
  • “With the tuition reimbursement benefit, I’ve been able to go back and obtain my professional certification. So Hollywood Casino has definitely helped grow my career. “

    Dana, Human Resources
  • “My best memory of working at Hollywood? Meeting my wife! I’ve also found an exciting career at Hollywood Casino…we have a team of great people working here! “

    Dan, F&B Manager
  • “In my position, I’ve been given the chance to travel to other Hollywood Casino properties and to meet and learn from other industry professionals which has been great. “

    Curtis, Internal Audit
  • “My favorite memory of Opening Day? Greeting guests, enjoying the excitement. There are too many good things for me to list in this space! “

    Al, Guest Services
  • “Just before Opening Day, the entire Team took a group picture and everyone signed it. It was exciting to stand together knowing we were making this happen! “

    Gloria, Rodeo Drive
  • “Seeing the excitement on the faces of the opening day crowd’s as they rushed through the doors was great. Right then I knew I had a job that I would enjoy! “

    Rick, EVS Supervisor
  • “I’ve helped open other new Casinos during my career, but to be part of opening Maryland’s First Casino? That was really exciting! “

    Tom, Slot Supervisor